Thinking Social Media Strategy? ‘Your employees are your best bet’

employees are the heart of social media strategyMarketing strategies of any size organisations are no more untouched from the social media element rather it is becoming an important part of their approach. Whether it is one person show, mid-sized or large enterprises; all are embracing social media with open arms. More and more companies are seeing the value in engaging with consumers across various social media networks.

Here, I want to draw your attention to an old theory because I find it totally evergreen and I am sure you will also find it a sure shot way to your business success. ‘Your employees are your best brand ambassadors.’

Keeping this in mind, now just because you have a community or social media feeding-box doesn’t mean you have to limit your company’s social media use to that person or team. The most sustainable and successful way to use social media is with the motivated employees while building a community focused on your brand and business. Here are a few steps you can take to make that happen:

Inside the Office – Managers and Employees
Social media and online communities can be used to motivate and incentivize employees. Social media use can also help promote productivity. A 2012 Gartner, Inc. report found that 46 percent of organizations agree – from somewhat to strongly – that social media helps promote productivity.

When you’re considering whether or not to bring your employees into your business’s social presence, think carefully and make sure they have some training or guidelines in how your brand is to be represented in these social spaces. Even if you have an employee who is solely responsible for managing your business’s social media networks, every business has a large pool of ideas to draw from.

  • Ask your employees for input on social media strategies so they feel they have a voice in the overall direction of the company, nurturing loyalty. Old yet evergreen way, reward good ideas and more will be brought to the table.
  • Encourage your employees to follow each other on the different platforms they’re active on. This can create a deeper sense of family within your business, while promoting a positive culture to the outside world. 49 percent of organizations from the Gartner study used social media at work to connect with their coworkers.
  • Give your employees public acknowledgement when a job is well done. Everyone appreciates the recognition and when it’s via social media, it’s something easy for them to share with friends, family, and their social audiences.

Outside the Office – Employees and Customers
Never forget that your employees are your best brand ambassadors and most of them have an existing pool of connections. A business can make a lot from its socially-connected employees. Employees can delve into the various communities where your customers and potential customers are. Your employees shouldn’t only be interacting with their coworkers; they should also be using social media to connect with customers by becoming a thought leader and reliable source in your business’s industry. Employees can answer customer service questions pertaining to their department while finding new prospects.

  • Transparency is the key. Ensure your employees represent your brand and business well on social networks by getting them to interact, respond, and listen to feedback from customers in various communities.
  • Ask employees to encourage and participate in discussions in online social spaces with customers who have questions or complaints. In the same Gartner study mentioned above, 44 percent of organizations used social media at work to connect with customers.

By having employees participate in social media, you can help build brand awareness while creating a greater sense of accordance in your workplace. As employees participate in online social networks and communities with both coworkers and customers, thank them for their participation. Employees like to know that what they are doing is recognized and appreciated. Appreciation is always appreciated by employees of each era. Social media can create a community among coworkers and customers.

2 thoughts on “Thinking Social Media Strategy? ‘Your employees are your best bet’

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