2 Dozen Items not suitable to Share on Social Media

The idea was not to compile this list on such a bright sunny afternoon (It’s a rare thing in London). I entered Starbucks to enjoy my favourite hazelnut cappuccino and do some personal social gatherings online (I mean catch up with my friends and family on Facebook during my lunch time). Moment I flipped Facebook on my iPad, the unabridged mood simply got murdered. I am not sure if it’s only me or there are many victims of gems / spices / criminal cases / cows on Facebook requests.

I want my FB page to give me the glimpse of my loved one’s life and not a message that “they don’t have a life!” Seriously, miles away from home last thing I want to know is you need my help in fertilizing your grains and feeding your cows.

What prompted me to write this list sprouted when the few Farmville and other online games updates turned into a stream and then became a furious flood… On Facebook you can actually turn this stream off in the settings section which is a good thing as I have stopped counting lambs, dazzling fake diamonds (Diamond Dash updates) or helping infinite Sherlock Holmes (Intended sarcasm for Criminal Cases players) when trying to catch a break.

This is quite astonishing that The Facebook-platform game FarmVille has over 80 million players. It’s played by people of all genres and is bigger than Twitter. Please, I don’t mean to convey it’s for everyone and by the way I have blocked all such updates hence there can’t be any confusion about what I am trying to convey here.

Well there are settings on Facebook that allow your updates to be made very public or private  and Facebook’s latest privacy changes in the last few months have actually made more information and photos public in its bid to open up the previously very private walled allotment of Facebook (unless you go back to your settings and reset the privacy controls) in its bid to compete with Twitters real time open stream of information in this increasingly competitive social media world as more marketers start implementing social media marketing campaigns like Ford and General Motors.

So to protect your reputation, personal brand, your bank account and your privacy you need to be very careful what you write and post on social media channels.

2 Dozen Items not suitable to Share on Social Media


  1. What crop you are plucking or sheep you’re feeding on Farmville
  2. How many you have killed on Mafia wars / cases solved in criminal wars or where they are concealed
  3. Party photos showing wasted and pointing an objectionable finger
  4. Sharing extreme views on Religion, politics, race and about public figures (Google the Lord Mc Alpine case now and you will know what I am talking about)
  5. Photos revealing you flirting with your co-workers at annual work Christmas drinks
  6. The party announcement, you may upset uninvited friends and some may just decide to show up too
  7. That you are thinking of a having relationship or it’s complicated
  8. Complaints about your workplace / boss / co-workers – remember what goes on internet, stays for long. Google has amazing memory and reach
  9. Your ill feelings about your job and intentions of leaving / switching – (You may really have to leave your job)
  10. That are you are planning to take a sick leave from work and go for a movie
  11. Don’t share photos or an event that reveals that you were not sick that day at work
  12. Don’t make your four wall social drama public on social media
  13. Passwords (Unless you have more money than brain beans)
  14. Hints about passwords like your favourite word / favourite quote / pet’s names etc
  15. Too many Images and videos of your children
  16. Updates on Facebook after you have escaped from cops and on the run (Believe me, it happens)
  17. Don’t link personal sites to professional business sites like LinkedIn. Don’t mix business with pleasure
  18. Financial information such as how much money you do or don’t have in your bank account
  19. Personal Information
  20. The dates you are away on your holiday (Everyone is online nowadays, yes even robbers)
  21. Your daily routine (Everyone is online nowadays, yes even robbers)
  22. Showing you doing something imprudent, it’s not good for personal branding
  23. Your physical desires and detailed details (A few parts have been named private parts for a reason, understand and respect this fact)
  24. You prefer mustard instead of ketchup with your sausage

The rule is simple, anything you are not sure of / comfortable with, don’t share it. It will have no harm; rather you would do yourself a favour only.

This is an open list: Please feel free to suggest of the things you think that should not be shared on Social Media networks.

3 thoughts on “2 Dozen Items not suitable to Share on Social Media

  1. What a great lesson? Even, if followed by 10 percent users of FB, it will help to bring a revolution in FB history.
    Gr8 efforts…….. . !


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